Mike Ezuruonye to act in Namibia film industry

Mike Ezuruonye to act in Namibia film industry."Photo Credit: Google
Mike Ezuruonye to act in Namibia film industry."Photo Credit: Google

Nigerian actor and film-maker Mike Ezuruonye has partnered with local artist management, public relations and marketing company Olive Entertainment to work on a movie which will promote Namibia’s diversity.

As part of preparations for the film, Ezuruonye and his production team are currently in Namibia getting to know more about the culture and people of Namibia.

In an interview with The Namibian, Ezuruonye mentioned that his stay has been welcoming thus far. “The hospitality has been great and I am loving Namibia.”

The actor shared that he is excited to be working with Namibians on the forthcoming movie and hopes to share his expertise with Namibian film-makers. “I tell my colleagues in Nollywood that if what we do goes way beyond Nigeria and we have a huge viewership across the continent, why not synergise with those countries,” said Ezuruonye, adding that he has been fascinated with Namibia and has done an extensive research on the country.

He said that this kind of collaborative project is not new to him, stating that he flew a 14-man team from Nigeria to shoot in Tanzania and Kenya. “We produced a block buster movie which blew the minds of cinema-goers especially in Nigeria and I am confident this project with Olive Entertainment will achieve similar success,” said Ezuruonye.

Via his research, the film-maker has seen a lot of beautiful locations in Namibia on the internet. “I know Namibia is hugely selling itself as a destination but there is still room to do more.”

“I want the world to see how beautiful the people of Namibia are and how beautiful we work together as Africans.”

Olive Entertainment’s Julia Kadhikwa told The Namibian that the cast of the movie will be 70% Namibian and that the projected time to start shooting is April or May.

“We invited Mike and his team because of their expertise and strong following which will help us sell Namibia and its culture to the world. Often when movies are shot in Namibia, much emphasis is given to the landscape but with this one, it will merge the landscape and Namibian culture,” said Kadhikwa.

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